EHS Basketball Admissions - Winter 2023-24

Welcome to the official page of EHS Basketball Admissions - Winter 2023-24, representing Elko High School! Get your game on as we bring you an exhilarating season filled with thrilling moments on the court. We invite you to join the roaring crowd and experience the electrifying atmosphere of our regular season high school basketball games. Whether you're a die-hard fan or simply seeking an unforgettable sporting experience, our games promise to deliver edge-of-your-seat action. Don't miss out! Click on "Shop Now" to secure your tickets and become a part of our vibrant EHS spirit. Get ready to cheer for our talented team as they dominate the courts with skill and determination!

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Elko Athletics
Elko High School
Elko County School District


Aug 01, 2023 - Mar 01, 2024
3 months left