How to run a successful

Krispy Kreme Fundraiser

Success Guide

This guide for faculty, coaches, and parent volunteers covers the most critical things you need to know to avoid the pitfalls that make for a disappointing outcome, and instead achieve great results with far less effort!
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Who is this guide for?

Faculty, coaches, and parents work hard to raise money to support their schools. Nobody wants to risk coming up short, so let's learn from each other's mistakes. Your time is limited as it is, so this guide is to help you make the most of your efforts.

What does the guide include?

Download your free digital guide (PDF) including:

  • Tips and tricks
  • Checklists
  • Shopping lists
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • Proven practices

Bottom line: this guide will help ensure you reach the results you're looking for. Let's raise as much as we can for your program and limit the time and energy required to get there.

Will it actually work?

Countless fundraisers are launched through SuccessFund every day. Not only do we help fundraisers surpass their goals, but we also review outcomes with those running campaigns to understand what works well and what doesn't. Then we compile all the things that make a difference into The Ultimate Guide so that everyone can benefit from all the great experience that has gone before. We're all on the same team, so let's win together!

More context:

First, our grade for a Krispy Kreme fundraiser is an A+

What topics are most helpful in the guide?

Our best advice: Use SuccessFund - with Krispy Kreme it's free and it makes everything easier.

In all honesty, this is the easiest product fundraiser you'll ever run. Why? Because SuccessFund and Krispy Kreme have teamed up to manage the entire process for you. In no time you can set up your campaign and sell dozens and dozens of donuts by simply spreading the word. Everything is tracked for you and all the funds route directly to your school or other approved account.

Beyond the simplicity of all the logistics, you're also going to make everyone happy! Why do we say that? Because people LOVE Krispy Kreme Donuts, but they also LOVE buying them with Venmo. Did you know that this is the only way to use your Venmo balance to buy donuts? On top of that, you'll be retaining 50% of everything you sell for your program! That's right. You could run this fundraiser by collecting cash and checks and keeping track of orders on a spreadsheet - you could do that, but it costs you the exact same amount to let SuccessFund handle all of that for you. That's because Krispy Kreme will honor their 50% price even if you use SuccessFund! That means the typical payment processing you would have to worry about is all taken care of. Now THAT's a deal.

Helpful topics we cover in the guide:

How to get started right away, and how to hit the ground running.

Proven strategy for getting the word out.

Making it easy for people to contribute - why this is key, and simple things you can do to unlock way better results.

Tips for success including: Setting the right goal, how and what to delegate, personalizing your page, tracking student involvement, giving incentives, handling delivery, and managing patron expectations.

Yes, running any fundraiser can be an involved process - especially if you are selling products, but Krispy Kreme makes this super easy with their digital dozen voucher program which allows you to send vouchers to your patrons automatically via email! Following our guide, you can guarantee that you're making the most out of your efforts, and you won't fall flat. Not only are you not forgetting anything, but you're also not over complicating things either.

We hope you enjoy the guide, find it helpful in your efforts, and that your Krispy Kreme Fundraiser is a huge success!