Districts and Education Foundations

Why do people love SuccessFund?

SuccessFund improves the donation process by providing donors with payment options they prefer like Credit Cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, and Venmo (with others coming soon). SuccessFund also provides increased visibility into fundraising, donation, and donor detail to enable proper and secure receipting and fundraiser management. SuccessFund also enables donors to take advantage of company/employee donation matching.

How does Company Matching work?

Many companies will match the donations of their employees as an employee benefit. This is a great way for companies to give back to the communities that mean the most to their people. Whenever a donation is made through SuccessFund, donors have the option of providing their employer email address so SuccessFund can help request the company match. SuccessFund automatically sends all the information needed to complete that request to both the employer and the employee. Company policies differ widely, so donation amounts and timing will also vary.

How does SuccessFund make money?

In order to maximize the benefit to students and educators, fees are added to rather than reduced from each donation. Because there are no set up fees, consulting/support fees, or monthly subscription fees, SuccessFund is supported by a small per transaction fee ($1.00 + 5%) added at checkout. 100% of the donation amount is routed directly to the foundation account (or a district account otherwise specified). The SuccessFund fee is used to cover credit card processing, data management and hosting, fund allocation and routing, and other costs associated with providing the SuccessFund service. No fees are collected on donations that come through Company Match. SuccessFund is an optional, convenient way to contribute to education organizations, and great care goes into the handling and processing of each dedicated dollar.

Teachers, Coaches and Educators

Can I use SuccessFund?

If your district supports SuccessFund, you can begin using it immediately! Try to log in or create an account on successfund.com using your district email address. If you are unable to create an account, then your district has not yet partnered with SuccessFund. Please send us an email (support@successfund.com) and we will add your district to the priority waitlist.

How do I know when donations are made?

With every new donation, you’ll get a notification email. You can also view all donation history by logging in to successfund.com.

Where do the donations go?

All donations are processed and transferred directly into your district or education foundation bank account.

When can I access the donation dollars?

Access to the funds can vary by district, but in most cases, you can put donation dollars to use immediately following the transaction. Every district follows its own use of funds process, so be sure to follow the process outlined by your district for requesting funds.