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Successfund payment methods
Districts and schools are joining every day and raising more with SuccessFund
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Finally accept Venmo

Schools have had no choice but to ban Venmo entirely, until now.
Cash and checks carried around and lost by students
Parents, students, and faculty violating policy to be able to collect money
Saying "no" without providing a viable alternative
Unhappy community members who want to give in the way they know how
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Take payments in person

Accept secure, in-person payments with a complete point of sale solution designed for schools.
Cash changing hands and getting lost in the shuffle
Excessive ticket fees
Long lines and wait times for admission or concessions
Sending community members to the ATM
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Approve fundraisers in minutes

Easily build an approval process that fits your school's needs and abides by policy.
Paper approval forms getting lost
Chasing down coaches for clarity on specific questions
Waiting days for inter-office mail
Finance administrators receiving money for things they've never heard of
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Achieve visible results

Raise more money with less effort, and track all of the details automatically.
Missed fundraising goals
Manual tracking and logging in spreadsheets
Finance administrators managing more than they've signed up for
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Built with everyone in mind

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Ensure every school follows policy. Easily approve and monitor fundraisers at every stage.
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School Administration

Review, edit, and approve fundraisers in seconds. Email alerts ensure nothing gets lost.
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Fundraising Faculty

Easy to create a fundraiser. Easy to approve. Easy to share. Easy to donate. Easy to track. It's just easy.
Checkout fee example

Free for districts and
transparent for supporters

Every transaction is accompanied by a transparent $1 + 5% fee. Nothing is taken out beyond that, so programs keep more than they expect, and receive exactly what they see.
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fundraiser template example

Getting started is easy!

From a car wash to selling potatoes, SuccessFund supports any variety of fundraisers. Golf tournaments, mini cheer clinics, event tickets, and no fuss fundraisers are all raising money on SuccessFund right now. Search for a template that fits your needs, and you'll be off to the races.

Feeling creative? You can always start from scratch and make something totally unique.
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Districts approve it

School districts give SuccessFund two thumbs up for transparency and security.
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Educators love it

Educators are raising more money with less effort, and they're never going back.
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Students get it

Students move the needle for their programs with things as simple as a text message.
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Parents support it

Parents are glad to see their kids spending less time on fundraising and more time on things that matter.

What they're saying

“We absolutely loved SuccessFund! We do this fundraiser every year and we feel really accomplished if we can get $2,500... This year we got almost $10,000 and there's no way we could have come close to that without SuccessFund! We love the option of being able to use Venmo, I think that's the biggest game changer.”
High school coach headshot

Kylie Wall

Girls Soccer, American Fork HS
“We loved using SuccessFund, and it was an awesome process! I'm truly so excited about this tool and plan to use it frequently in the future.”
High School Coach

Chelsea Alley

Dance Director, Orem HS

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few things we think you should know.

How does this work with our financial system?

SuccessFund makes deposits to your designated accounts each week. With each weekly deposit, you'll also have a detailed breakdown outlining where those funds go. You can even export a breakdown of every corresponding transaction that you can upload to your finance system to keep everything perfectly in sync.

What about payment processing fees?

While you won't find monthly, upfront, or recurring fees on SuccessFund, it does cost money to process payments online. At checkout, donors are encouraged to help cover our transparent, per-transaction fee of $1.00 + 5%. Over 90% of supporters choose to cover that fee meaning 100% of the donation goes directly to the program.

How do I know if I can use SuccessFund?

SuccessFund does not currently send money to individuals - so if you are part of a school or school district, you can use SuccessFund, and funds will be sent to your finance department. To find out if your organization is using SuccessFund to process fundraiser approvals, all you need to do is create your free account. Enter your work email address above, and we'll route you to the right place.

Our policy is "No Venmo," so why is this OK?

Peer-to-peer payment platforms like Venmo are a challenge for schools because the transactions are made between individuals without any visibility to the school or district. With SuccessFund, you can finally accept Venmo dollars without a user-to-user payment. The user does not need to open their Venmo app in search of your account. Instead, they'll visit your campaign, and select Venmo as their payment method at checkout. This provides the transparency districts require.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more answers

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