Fundraising Everyone Supports

Fundraising Everyone Supports

SuccessFund empowers districts and foundations to manage fundraising with confidence.

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The Foundation

The Foundation

SuccessFund has no limit to the number of fundraising campaigns you can run. Create and launch custom campaigns in seconds. All donations are accounted for within SuccessFund’s data services, and every donor receives the appropriate (and compliant) receipt within seconds.

The Supporter (Parents and Donors)

The Supporter (Parents and Donors)

Successfund makes it easy for anyone to give directly to any cause with secure payment processing. Donors can easily give using credit cards, Venmo, Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Pay, and more.

SuccessFund is completely free for school districts.

That’s right, our whole platform is free for you and all your faculty.

Recent Campaigns

Daybreak Elementary


"This fun run fundraiser will be for the PTA and Community Council. What does that mean for you? No buying cookie dough, wrapping paper, team cups or coupon books and only ONE fundraiser if we meet our goal! What does it mean? We get to keep 100% of the money we collect!"

Ridgecrest Elementary


"The school is fundraising for a new risers system for the gym. This will help us all be able to see our children better and for programs to run more smoothly. The PTA is fundraising to keep our field trips, before and after school programs, classroom supplies, and much more funded for our amazing students!"

Canyon View Elementary


"The Superhero Fun Run was a success made possible with cheering volunteers, teachers, supporting family members, and the high school cheerleaders as the students ran through bubbles, a tunnel, and high-fived rubber chickens! Thank you for your support!"