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SuccessFund is a free platform for districts and schools to approve fundraisers, track results, and protect policy.
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Transparent Online Payments

Priced for Student Success

$1 + 5%

Per transaction

Payment processing included
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World-class tools

With the platform, faculty gain access to district-approved, low-fee fundraising tools for crowdfunding, online & in-person stores, product sales, sponsorship sales, camps & clinics, auctions, and more.

Accept credit cards, contactless payments, Venmo, and all other modern payment methods through SuccessFund and all funds route directly to district approved accounts only.

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Integrated In-Person Payments

In-person point of sale

Turn any SuccessFund campaign into an in-person point of sale with the mobile app. Take Venmo payments right from the app. Pair the reader to accept chip and contactless card payments.

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Included within the SuccessFund platform:

For Administrators

Full approval management
Customized user roles and permissions
Performance results and reporting
Automatic school deposits and simple fund allocation
Fast refund capabilities
Receipts with every transaction
Real-time faculty, administration, and donor support

For Fundraisers

Optional donor-paid fees
Fully customizable online fundraising pages
District-approved Venmo payments
Campaign marketing and sharing tools
Collaboration and invitation tools
Real-time results and tracking by student
Donation button on every campaign

In-Person Payments

SuccessFund Card Reader

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$39 /each

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In-person transaction fees are discounted to better support smaller payments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few things we think you should know.

How does this work with our financial system?

SuccessFund makes deposits to your designated accounts each week. With each weekly deposit, you'll also have a detailed breakdown outlining where those funds go. You can even export a breakdown of every corresponding transaction that you can upload to your finance system to keep everything perfectly in sync.

What about payment processing fees?

While you won't find monthly, upfront, or recurring fees on SuccessFund, it does cost money to process payments online. At checkout, donors are encouraged to help cover our transparent, per-transaction fee of $1.00 + 5%. Over 90% of supporters choose to cover that fee meaning 100% of the donation goes directly to the program.

How do I know if I can use SuccessFund?

SuccessFund does not currently send money to individuals - so if you are part of a school or school district, you can use SuccessFund, and funds will be sent to your finance department. To find out if your organization is using SuccessFund to process fundraiser approvals, all you need to do is create your free account. Enter your work email address above, and we'll route you to the right place.

Our policy is "No Venmo," so why is this OK?

Peer-to-peer payment platforms like Venmo are a challenge for schools because the transactions are made between individuals without any visibility to the school or district. With SuccessFund, you can finally accept Venmo dollars without a user-to-user payment. The user does not need to open their Venmo app in search of your account. Instead, they'll visit your campaign, and select Venmo as their payment method at checkout. This provides the transparency districts require.

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