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Minimize the manual efforts of collecting payments, managing receipts, depositing money, and tracking student results.
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Districts and schools are joining every day and raising more with SuccessFund
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Head Start

Get started with a growing suite of templates

Select from a list of common fundraising templates that will fill in most of the information for you. Customize your campaign, and save your draft in minutes.

Feeling creative? You can always start from scratch and make something totally unique.


Track transactions and get alerts automatically.

View your results including all your transaction details as they happen in real time. Customize alerts to be notified with each transaction, or receive a daily or weekly summary.

Customize the checkout experience to be sure you are capturing the details you need, and then export your results to slice and dice to your heart's content.


Order Management.

Discover how simple it is to manage orders as SuccessFund manages it for you. Aggregate your results to place a bulk order with your favorite vendor once your pre-orders are complete.

Provide custom delivery details to your supporters right at checkout so they know how they will be receiving their purchase.

Sponsors and media

Unlock Sponsorship Management.

Accept sponsorship media uploads right at checkout without the need to manage and organize it on your own. No more chasing down logos and images from your sponsors in order to print their banners. No more spreadsheets and phone or email follow ups.

Simply sell sponsorships, and let the rest take care of itself.
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Unlock Registration Management.

Process registration information with your own custom fields. Organize the results so it's easy to see who's participating in your race, tournament, camp, or clinic.

Set registration limits and sell out your event, or let the sky be the limit with unlimited participants.

student performance

Monitor performance by student

Track your results by student and monitor how each is performing. Aggregated results make it clear who is getting the word out and working hard for the group. Dropping in your roster is as simple as copy-paste, and the results simply calculate from there.


Simply spread the word.

Share your campaign with supporters, parents, and community members with simple sharing tools. Send out the link to your campaign through various channels including social, email, text, and even auto-generated flyers.

Give students the ability to communicate your cause through the channels that already work for them. Watch as their way of spreading the word leads to record-breaking results.

Direct Deposit

Receive funds into the right budgets through direct deposit

Never worry if your funds are getting to the right budget. Funds arrive quickly, and are deposited directly into approved accounts earmarked for specific budgets.

No more wondering if and when your funds are going to arrive. By the time you think to spend them, you'll have already received them.


Collaborate in a shared workspace.

Invite your close supporters, assistants, and helpers to jump in and work on your campaign. Collaborators can help update and share your campaign as well as help run it before, during, and after as needed.


Log cash and check payments too!

Maintain a single source of truth by logging cash and check payments into your results. These payments might come through old-school channels, but they should still be reflected in your results.

Built with everyone in mind

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Ensure every school follows policy. Easily approve and monitor fundraisers at every stage.
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School Administration

Review, edit, and approve fundraisers in seconds. Email alerts ensure nothing gets lost.
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Fundraising Faculty

Easy to create a fundraiser. Easy to approve. Easy to share. Easy to donate. Easy to track. It's just easy.
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Districts approve it

School districts give SuccessFund two thumbs up for transparency and security.
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Educators love it

Educators are raising more money with less effort, and they're never going back.
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Students get it

Students move the needle for their programs with things as simple as a text message.
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Parents support it

Parents are glad to see their kids spending less time on fundraising and more time on things that matter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few things we think you should know.

How does this work with our financial system?

SuccessFund makes deposits to your designated accounts each week. With each weekly deposit, you'll also have a detailed breakdown outlining where those funds go. You can even export a breakdown of every corresponding transaction that you can upload to your finance system to keep everything perfectly in sync.

What about payment processing fees?

While you won't find monthly, upfront, or recurring fees on SuccessFund, it does cost money to process payments online. At checkout, donors are encouraged to help cover our transparent, per-transaction fee of $1.00 + 5%. Over 90% of supporters choose to cover that fee meaning 100% of the donation goes directly to the program.

How do I know if I can use SuccessFund?

SuccessFund does not currently send money to individuals - so if you are part of a school or school district, you can use SuccessFund, and funds will be sent to your finance department. To find out if your organization is using SuccessFund to process fundraiser approvals, all you need to do is create your free account. Enter your work email address above, and we'll route you to the right place.

Our policy is "No Venmo," so why is this OK?

Peer-to-peer payment platforms like Venmo are a challenge for schools because the transactions are made between individuals without any visibility to the school or district. With SuccessFund, you can finally accept Venmo dollars without a user-to-user payment. The user does not need to open their Venmo app in search of your account. Instead, they'll visit your campaign, and select Venmo as their payment method at checkout. This provides the transparency districts require.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more answers

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