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Top Do’s and Don’ts of Selling Fundraising Products

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Have you ever put a lot of time and effort into a fundraiser only to see it fail? To have a successful fundraiser, you need to have a great idea that your program, team, and community will all support. There’s an art to getting this right, and so many people get it wrong because the nearest snake oil salesman convinces them that it’s a good idea. Here are our top do’s and don’ts for selling fundraising products. First the don'ts:

What Fundraising Products Not to Sell

Don’t sell things that people are unfamiliar with.

Don’t sell gimmicks, interviews, product demos, or timeshare pitches. Your community would rather just give you money and not have to deal with your third party hoops.  

Don’t sell products with a tiny price point. 

If you are selling suckers or lollipops you are wasting your time. This is also true for candy bars. The only way you can be successful selling at a tiny price point is if you are either selling massive quantities (a ton of effort) or you are selling at a massive margin (which gouges your community). 

Don’t sell products with a high price point

Products that cost a lot are simply not items that people want to buy regularly. This includes things like mattresses, solar panels, and vacations.

Don’t sell discounts on travel. 

Cruises, flights, and travel vouchers reek of gimmicks, tricks, and scams. Maybe you’ve got a fantastic opportunity to sell something of high value that benefits everyone - but it simply doesn’t matter because people will avoid these fundraisers, and you’ll be fighting a headwind the entire time. In fact, selling a “discount” at all is a red flag for most people.

Ok, Then What Fundraising Products Do You Sell?

Sell products from brands that everyone knows and loves

This includes working with companies like Krispy Kreme, Papa Murphy’s, and Jamba Juice. These brands are well known and remove the risk of falling on your face or having to provide complicated explanations. Brands that people know and love are able to immediately set expectations appropriately with your patrons.

Sell products that people buy regularly. 

This is why food items are a great option. Even if someone has a pantry full of cookies, somehow those girl scouts are still able to sell them more. This is because people buy these items regularly, and they know they’ll go through them when the craving hits. 

Sell products that don’t go bad.

Many times people want to sell ice cream, donuts, or even candy bars. While these fundraisers can work, they introduce logistical problems that are a headache. You’re much better off selling punch cards, vouchers, or discount cards that patrons can use whenever they’re ready. Be mindful of expiration dates. It’s actually wise to sell products that expire in about a year. Why? Because then you can run the fundraiser again. This is why punch cards, mexican vanilla, and annual discount cards are a great way to go - they are annually repeatable.

Sell products at a high margin

Look for something that gives you 50% or more on the sale of each product. You can still succeed at a lower margin, but only if you feel confident you can make it up with high volume.

Sell products that are easy to deliver

Anything that simplifies the fulfillment process is a winner. That’s because you don’t want to be supporting your fundraiser for months after it’s over. If you can find a fundraiser that fulfills your orders for you, you should consider that option.

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