District Launch Plan

Launch Plan Checklist

Launching SuccessFund with your district is easy. Use this checklist and the links included to ensure you’re covering all your bases.

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Email to Schedule Launch Meeting

Copy and paste this quick note and email it to all High School Administrators over fundraising and athletics.

Subject Line:

Meeting for New Fundraiser Approval Process

School Administrators,

By way of announcement, we will be moving our fundraising approval away from our paper forms to All Online through SuccessFund. This will be a big improvement from our previous process.

We will be holding a meeting on [DATE AND TIME] and we ask that you please make every effort to attend.

Along with online approvals, SuccessFund also provides the following functionality:

  • Mobile Payments. SuccessFund supports Venmo transactions, along with other modern payment methods.
  • Student-level tracking. Real-time progress is tracked by student to understand who is participating
  • Pre-built marketing tools. Auto-generated flyers with QR codes and customizable links will help get the word out
  • Sell products online. Users can set prices, limited quantities, and sell anything online (Swag, concessions, car washes, discount cards, etc.)
  • Everything in one place. Transactions that happen offline (cash and checks) can still be tracked so that you have one single record.

We’re excited to be improving this process. If you have any questions, please let me know.