3 Steps to set up a high school

1. Send Invitations

Send invitations to everyone in your organization who will participate in fundraising. Do this from the users tab. Find it here: successfund.com/users

2. Email fundraising faculty

Copy and paste this quick note and email it to all High School Administrators over fundraising and athletics.

Subject Line:

Important Update to Fundraising


By way of announcement, we will be moving our fundraising approval away from our paper forms to All Online through SuccessFund. This will be a big improvement from our previous process, and it can all be done from your phone. If you’ll be doing any fundraising, please take a moment to sign up for SuccessFund here:


With the new online approvals, we’re also making available some additional tools and functionality you may be interested in:

  • Mobile Payments! Now you can accept donation and transact using Venmo, along with other modern payment methods. It’s all built into your fundraiser approval.
  • Student-level tracking. See real-time progress by student to understand who is participating
  • Pre-built marketing tools. Auto-generated flyers with QR codes and customizable links will help you get the word out
  • Sell products online. Set prices, limited quantities, and sell anything online (Swag, concessions, car washes, discount cards, etc.)
  • Everything in one place. You can still track transactions that happen offline (cash and checks) so that you have one single record.

Once signed up, please also take a moment to register for one of SuccessFund's regular live-stream orientations called SuccessFund Basics. There you can ask any questions, and view a live overview of these tools that are now available to you.

Register here: successfund.com/home/live

We’re excited to be improving this process. If you have any questions, please let me know.

3. Replace the paper form

If your faculty are accustomed to a paper form, and they get that form from somewhere. You can replace it with this form. Print off a few of them, and replace those old forms with these new instructions on how to complete the process online.

Download Document

Bonus: Schedule a training

SuccessFund is user friendly and self-explanatory, but there’s no harm in taking the time to talk through it. Schedule some time for the SuccessFund team to meet with your coaches and faculty who will be doing fundraising. Flexible virtual meetings work great for this!