Custom Registrations

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This is what we heard:

Accepting payments for our camps and clinics is easy with SuccessFund, but we need to ask additional questions upon registration - plus complete waivers.

How do we solve this?

We've upgraded the checkout experience, and improved results! Now, you can ask as many questions as you need to during the checkout process. There are a variety of question types you can choose from:

  • Basic Text
  • Paragraph
  • Single Select
  • Multi Select
  • Dropdown
  • File Upload
  • Address

Using these question types you can create any number of necessary questions like:

  • Name of participant
  • T-shirt size
  • Age group
  • Gender
  • Dietary restrictions
  • Waiver agreement

And so much more!

Questions can be applied generally to all transactions at checkout, or they can be applied to specific products. For example, if you are selling registrations for a golf tournament, and you're also selling sponsorships to businesses to support the tournament, you can ask detailed questions for those planning to participate (like Group size: twosome/threesome/foursome, team name, AM/PM, and handicap), and separate questions for sponsors (like Company name and Logo upload). This flexibility allows you to ask questions to supporters only when it makes sense.

What does it look like?

Start by creating a question. You can do this either on a specific product found under the products tab, or you can add a question to the checkout experience generally under the edit tab and the checkout section. Once there, select + Question. You'll want to create your question in the location where it makes the most sense. Ask yourself, is this a general question for everyone, or is this only a question for those purchasing certain products.

Add questions to a product by selecting an existing product under products, then select + Question

Add a general question for everyone to answer at checkout under edit > Checkout > + Question

When creating a question, consider using one of our examples of commonly asked questions, or create a new one from scratch. Each question type has different options, but all are easily modified to fit your specific needs.

Choose a question from the examples, or start from scratch

When creating a question you can customize the question title (label), the description / help text, the pre-populated text, any selection options, and instructions. You can also mark a question as either required, or not required. As you work, you'll see a preview demonstrating what your question will look like so you can view and try out your question in action.

Once you've created a question for your campaign it becomes available for you to use in other places. For example, if you are selling registration spots in a 5K race, you might consider creating two different products: Aduit Registration and Youth Registration. This way, you can ask different questions for those different registrations (maybe for youth you need to ask for parent's name and email, or the age ranges might need to differ from the Adult registration for example). In this case, you might create a single select question asking for Gender. That same question can be used for both the adult and youth registration products. Rather than creating another question to ask for the same information, you can simply apply the existing question to the new product.

Why do this? Aside from saving you time when creating products, this will also save you effort when viewing the results. Each question creates a single result column, so you'll be keeping your data organized and avoid the need to merge results later.

What about waivers?

Yes! Now you can get waiver agreements using SuccessFund! Here's the best way to set this up.

For waivers or liability releases first you'll want to find the product that needs a waiver. Open the product on the Products tab. From there, create a new multi-select question.

Add a title like Waiver or Participation Release. Then add a description saying something like Please mark that you have read and agree to our release form found here. Don't forget to highlight "found here" and hyperlink to your waiver or release language so that your participants can view it. Ensure that the only option to select says I agree. Check the box to indicate that the question as required. Click Save!

Making the question required will ensure that everyone purchasing the product will need to check the I agree box before they can add the item to their cart. This will ensure that everyone has completed that step.

You can begin to see the power in these robust questions. The sky is the limit to what you might need to ask for at checkout, and with this update, you can ditch the google forms and simply collect all the information you need right within SuccessFund.

Photo by Bruno Kelzer on Unsplash