Simplified Results Data

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This is what we heard:

I need to download our results in a way that allows me to filter and sum up the data more easily.

How do we solve this?

We've added a new tab called Results. Under results you can find all your transaction data. This data is organized to support better filtering and searching, and differs from the Supporters tab in an important way. Under Supporters, each row represents a purchase, but in Results, each row represents the purchase of a specific product within a transaction. For example, if someone completes a single transaction to purchase 2 small shirts, 1 medium Shirt, and 3 large shirts, you will see three line items for that purchase under the Results tab (you would see a single line under Supporters). By grouping in this way, the results tab makes it easy for you to sum up the quantity of each item purchased with a simple filter.

In addition, the Results tab also includes a new column for every question that you add to your campaign or your products. Any questions that are used across multiple products will still be housed as a single column. This merged approach simplifies your spreadsheet. By filtering on a specific product, you can see all the question results for that given product. One way this is used is for sponsorship image upload. You might have several sponsorship options that all allow for images to be uploaded. Viewing the Results tab, you can view the Image Upload results and see very quickly which sponsors have uploaded images, and which ones still need to do so.

What does it look like?

Find the results along the top menu bar. View the results in the table, and export your results as a CSV using the download button.

Export your results using the download button the the Results tab

You can begin to see the power of this new results tab as you begin to use it. Now, you can find all your information in a single place right within SuccessFund.

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash