Campaign Customization

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This is what we heard:

"Shop" doesn't really capture what we're trying to do with our tickets, or our camp registrations. Can we customize the call to action on our campaign?

How do we solve this?

We've introduced new call-to-action buttons that are now available as options for every campaign. Now instead of being stuck with Shop or Donate, you can select any of SuccessFund's preset buttons so you can use something that better matches your campaign. Examples include: Shop, Donate, Support, Get Tickets, Register, Buy Now, Sponsorship Options, and Sign up.

Even better news - when you create a new campaign using SuccessFund's growing list of templates, SuccessFund will automatically select the best match for your campaign!

Customize the button on any campaign by navigating to the Edit tab and opening up the Customize section. There you can choose a new button, and you can also modify your campaign colors to better match your brand.

Customize the button and the colors of your campaign

If you ever find that the primary call to action on your campaign doesn't quite fit, don't forget to customize it along with your colors so you're set up for success.