Sponsor Management

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This is what we heard:

It would be so nice if we didn't have to chase down all of these images from our sponsors. Selling banners is such a great fundraiser, but it's such a hassle to manage all of the artwork and be confident we are delivering on every order.

How do we solve this?

We've upgraded the checkout experience, and we've added the results tab! Now, you can ask sponsors to upload images during checkout, and you can even provide the specifications around what kind of images you need. Even more helpful, you can attach the image upload to specific products so that if someone is simply making a donation, they're not asked questions that don't apply. Image upload questions can be fully customized and you can even limit the number of images allowed. By customizing your checkout experience to this level you can be sure to capture the company name (required) and accept sponsor images or logos (not required) so that everything is being gathered together in one place.

When image upload is an option but it's not required sponsors are still able to check out even if they don't have their image on hand. This allows you to capture the info right away, but also avoid any friction being added to the purchase process. Any images that arrive later can be uploaded right on the results page.

From the results page you can quickly see the list of sponsors that haven't yet provided their images. This makes it easy for you to sell sponsorships without having to maintain a spreadsheet to track who has done what.

What does it look like?

Here's an example of the checkout experience for a banner:

Sponsors answer these custom questions when adding this banner sponsorship to their cart

And here you can see how results are populated. Easily download any of the images by simply clicking on the file. Use the edit icon to the right to upload any images that come in later:

Your results show you where you're still missing images

Now all your images are managed for you and you don't have to maintain any separate spreadsheet. If a sponsor sends an image via email - just upload it to SuccessFund and you've got it all at a glance.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash