Payout Notifications

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This is what we heard:

As a finance secretary it's easy to allocate funds, but I want to be notified every time a deposit arrives so that I can be reminded to receipt the deposit in my finance system.

How do we solve this?

We've added Payout Notifications. Now, notification emails are sent out with every deposit. These emails will notify you that a new payout has arrived and will display the amount you should expect to see in your bank deposit. The email will identify the amount, the bank name, and the last 4 digits of the account so you know you're looking in the right place. The email will also link you right to the payout on SuccessFund so you can view further details.

Payout Notifications are sent only to users who have permissions to view deposit details. By default, these notifications will be turned on, but you can configure them under the settings on your profile.

What does it look like?

Here's an example of a payout email you might see:

These emails will come each week with each new deposit.

And here's how you change your notification settings:

Navigate to My Info and then check or uncheck the box regarding payout notifications. If you don't see this option, it means you don't have permissions to view deposit details.

Now finance secretaries will be notified with each new deposit so they can be reminded to receipt those deposits into your financial system. We love helping our financial secretaries - they already have so much on their plates!

Photo by Oli Dale on Unsplash